Most Valuable Rewards in myVEGAS

myVEGAS rewards

myVEGAS rewards (click to enlarge)

Your hard earned loyalty points should not be wasted and that is why we have made this list of rewards from myVEGAS sorted by most “bang for the buck”. We will try to keep this listed updated with the best

All rewards are taken from the casinos/restaurant or venues own website at retail rate.

If you have any suggestions or updated list please feel free to state it in comments.

We are starting with the “Featured” and will add rewards gradually with time.

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Get maximum loyalty points in myVEGAS

Loyalty PointsAfter having played a lot and studied a little bit I have my first little trick.

I tried getting some feedback from the team behind myVEGAS on how loyalty points were calculated. They gave a vague answer saying it was related to amount of time played, money wagered and other factors.

If you are tired of wagering too much money with too little return keep reading.

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

myVEGAS Cityview

myVEGAS Overview (click to enlarge)

I apologize for the long time it has been since an update. I have been on vacation and also had a small encounter with some cold. But that has of course not stopped me from playing hours and hours of myVEGAS.

During this time I have gained a lot of playing experience with the game and also did some experiments in regards to loyalty points and betting patterns.. (which I will tell more about in my next post)

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myVEGAS is finally here and open for public

myVEGAS launch

myVEGAS launch (click to enlarge)

The day has finally come where myVEGAS opened the doors to the hordes. Even though the game is still in beta, most functions seem operational. In this post I will quickly try to give my first impressions.

Some of the things we have been wondering about is among other things how the gameplay would work in comparison to other games, what kind of features we would see implemented and last but not least which kind of real-life bonuses we would enjoy…

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What games are you hoping for in myVEGAS?


Blackjack (click to enlarge)

Since we are still completely in the dark as to what will happen in myVEGAS we are left to speculate and wonder what it will bring. I hope we will see a good mixture of casino and games. Hopefully also some new exciting titles even. And maybe they are  even daring to take a stab with poker.

A top priority for me personally is:

1: Poker
2: Blackjack
3: Craps

Another big thing we are wondering is how the gameplay will be set up between the two main unique selling points of the game; gambling and building.


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Social Media Gaming is the new goldrush


Slotomania (click to enlarge)

When Zynga first made its breakthrough nobody would have seen how big an impact it would take on the whole gaming scene. A shift from traditional gaming platforms (desktops and consoles) we are seeing a social shift with higher emphasis on the social engagement of user to user.

This is not just Mrs. Nelson sitting and playing Bejeweled or Slotomania, as of May 2012 Zynga has over 250 million active users per month and growing.

Zynga is not alone in getting involved in acquiring users and getting social gaming domination. Others have sniffed out the gold and are bringing their sieves and picks looking for a newfound fortune. Continue Reading →

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myVEGAS still in beta

myVegas in beta mode

myVegas in beta mode (click to enlarge)

The wait is long and unbearable for us non-initiated in the beta for the upcoming hit “myVegas” Facebook social game.
Already it states 30.000 monthly users and although these numbers are probably just people who signed up for the game it shows an early interest. So if anyone out there has a password or invitation feel free to share.

What to do in the meantime? Well you might as well give Cityville a last shot or shoot up some Sim City action to get your building skills just right. Me? Im going to be sitting here pressing F5 until I can come aboard.

Again if you know anyone who has an invitation or have any further information about the game please let me know. We want to collect all myVegas news and information possible.

Until next time..
We wait..


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myVEGAS the new social media gambling game revealed


myVegas – First view of the game (click to enlarge)

Playstudios recently announced that it is in cooperation with MGM releasing the myVegas social app that we here think will take the world with storm. The objective of the game is to build your own empire, earning credits and having fun gambling at the same time.

The team behind myVegas are a good mixture of people inside both worlds. Nicholas Koenig (top casino game designer) and Andrew Pascal (former casino executive and entrepreneur)

The game is set to be released this summer and until then we are all waiting and hoping to see a good competition to Farmville and Cityville and the whole Zynga franchise.

We are also hearing rumours of Sim City 3 soon becoming an awesome Facebook app. It is going to be a summer full of fun “new” games.

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